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pursuing excellence with honor

Learning to capture excellence in our world’s success-oriented, “mad dash to win.”  Championing our life’s journey with energetic travel along the high road of honor, integrity, and character.


“Mark Johnson’s talk to our Austin CPA Chapter was so good that I took notes to share with my friends!   Mark’s sincere and insightful sharing of his life’s journey will prepare and inspire you to meet your “moment in time”.”

Penny Dear, Past President, Austin CPA Chapter




Encouraging and inspiring youth to see the “big picture”. . . . To choose the less traveled high road and encounter honor, values, integrity, and character.  To withstand the hard times and to “get back up and bring it” -- there is “more in the tank”!



Mark Johnson has a God given talent to deliver a motivational message to his audience at their level and in their terms.

“We have been blessed to have Mark come and speak to the Junior Leadership Brazos kick-off breakfast for the past 4 years and continue to be one of the highlights of our program year in and out.

“Coach Johnson is a very insightful and blessed speaker.  His motivational speeches and observations on life and it’s lessons are priceless.  He has focused much of this talent into our local youth.  I am glad that I have been allowed to hear his speeches and put his words into action with my own children and family!

                            J. Cal McNeill,  The First Bank & Trust, Bryan/College Station, and Coordinator of Youth Leadership program.




. . . to not only enthusiastically empower folks to lead, to serve and embrace a goal with passion, but to do so with strong, uncompromising integrity and honor.


"Mark Johnson's sincerity, integrity, and humility are the hallmarks of his character.  His wisdom, which is drawn from years of coaching and life experience, is imparted in an effective and inspiring way.  Mark has impacted MANY lives on the baseball field and now is impacting many others through his speaking.  It is always a joy to not only hear him, but to be in his presence." 

            Cliff Dugosh, Motivational Speaker at Professionally Speaking


Born out of a defining cause, empowering and encouraging others to not only “bring their talents” but also to embrace their role within a group moving unifiably toward a common goal.

"As a professional athlete, I have been a part of many teams and played for a wide variety of coaches.  Without reservation, Coach Johnson tops my list as the most effective and influential coach I have ever played for.

“A team oriented, master motivator, Coach always knew what to say and when to say it in order to motivate people toward the same goal.

“His approach and message -- positive minded with positive reinforcement -- always rang true because as players we saw first hand that his walk matched his talk.  Coach Johnson taught me many life lessons that I will remember and apply the rest of my life.  I am proud to call him coach, mentor and friend."

Ryan Rupe, former Tampa Bay Buccaneers

and former Texas A&M player 


The world’s greatest gift to mankind – the educator . . . encouraging teachers to teach to the entire person . . . to impact the lives of tomorrow’s society and to impact it with a caring heart toward each child . . . to instruct not just our math, geography, and fine arts, but to arm our youth with meaningful life skills that will catapult their emergence to make a difference in their world.

". . . Mark Johnson is an outstanding motivational speaker and consultant for your faculty and staff.  I have recently used Mark with our teachers to provide an inspirational challenge for them to start the year with the right goals and a positive attitude toward their students.  We also were very pleased with his work on leadership and teamwork for our district administrators in a summer retreat setting.  Mark is always very well-prepared; highly skilled as a speaker and presenter; and has valuable experiences as a successful teacher and collegiate baseball coach to share with today's teachers.  He is an exemplary educator with the highest level of integrity and a sincere love for people, teachers, and quality teaching."

Jerry Ellis, Principal, Sam Rayburn Middle School, Bryan, Texas


Learning to trust not only the Biblical message of God’s word, but the presence of God’s enduring love and His spirit within your daily life . . .  to allow God’s presence to bring the peace that is “beyond all human understanding” by receiving Him.

"Mark Johnson has devoted his life to coaching young people, but that coaching has not been limited to the baseball field nor to baseball players.  There is a magnetism about this man and an integrity to his message that inspires those who have heard him speak.  His knowledge of baseball and the intricacies of the game fascinate me as a lifelong fan.  However, it is Mark’s grasp of priorities and faith that impresses me most.  Mark Johnson coaches for life.  Those fortunate enough to have played for Mark have gone away with tools that far surpass the game of baseball.  Those of us who have experienced him off the field as a friend, a partner in ministry and a public speaker would also proudly refer to him as Coach Johnson, for he has instructed and inspired us for life itself."

            Kip R. Gilts, Senior Pastor, A&M United Methodist Church, College Station, Texas

"Mark Johnson's contributions to baseball and its people -- young, old, players, coaches and parents -- are incalculable. He is highly esteemed and admired by his colleagues for excellence in coaching and teaching the game. More importantly, Mark Johnson is valued by all as a model of integrity and the highest standard of ethical conduct. Mark has been a steady and Godly influence on me for over 30 years, and I honor him as one of a handful of men who have faithfully demonstrated and taught the highest ideals of coaching."

Jerry Kindall, retired University of Arizona Head Baseball Coach


Making synergy come alive in your team, your business, your "group."  Powerful stories related to the all-important "team concept" ... stories of life experience from  50 years of either playing or coaching within the team unit.

Mark spoke to our Baseball team as well as to other Olympic sport teams at the University of Utah. His presentation to the student-athletes -- about team-building, motivation, leadership, and life skills -- captivated our teams.  Mark’s inspirational message resonated with our players and helped them to achieve success both on and off the field.   As a fellow coach and also as a personal friend of 30 years, I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Mark speak on a variety of subjects many times, and I’ve come away inspired to be better.  Mark is a rare individual who not only “walks the talk”, but is also able to articulate his lessons to others.  I heartily endorse Mark as a coach and motivational speaker.

Bill Kinneberg, University of Utah Baseball Coach